I wish to express my gratitude for the brilliant work done by the Center for Research on Dutch Jewry, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with all their dedicated genealogists and especially the following people who have dedicated themselves to bring to the world their data bases to facilitate research on Dutch Jewry.

Part of my data base was incorporated by hand from their sources as I added on the Second family name from the Mother's side and include the families of in-laws.

The Center for Research on Dutch Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem:

The Northern Data Base: Current editor: Ben Noach

Ashkenazi Amsterdam in the Eighteenth Century.

This tentative list of the Ashkenazi Jewish inhabitants of Amsterdam in the eighteenth century was prepared by Moshe Mossel in Jerusalem and includes presumed family relationships. It shows about two-thirds of the total community and is still being compiled

Juan Goudsmit

"Goudsmit Segal & Collateral Families"

Reinier en Dirkje Bobbe:

Documenting Bobbe, Cracau, Cune, Danser, Fuld, Hamme-Juliard, Koekoek, Kunstenaar, Lavino, de Leeuw, de Maan, de Vries, Poons, van Schaak, Verveer.

David Hijman de la Penha's genealogical site :

Stamboom (Family tree) of: David de la Penha, Jossi Gokkes, David Stibbe, Samuel Kropveld, West, Salomons, Vaz Dias, van Maarsen, Pool, Klatser, Brandon Bravo, Rodrigues Pereira, de Leon.,

Rob van het Groenewoud:

Documenting Groenewoud/t-Groenewoudt, Meyer Woudhuysen Agsteribben, Dumosch, Gobitz, Kleerekoper, Wijnschenk, Lissauer, Pachter, Duizend / Meijer, Soesan, Leeuwaarden and Leviticus.

Nicky Huisman:

Documenting Haussmann, Gossels, Kroon & Vrengel-Bargeboer.

Rob & Nechama Mayer's:

Home Page: an important source of genealogical data about the Jews in Arnhem and Amersfoort. Documenting Mayer, Van der Hak, De Liever, Hirsch and Visser.

Ben Noach's:

Genealogical files. Documenting Noach (version 3, ultimo 2003), Mogendorff, Frankfort & Vomberg (version 2, ultimo 2003).

Harold Zvi Rabbie's roots:

Documenting Rabbie, Belinfante, Montanhes, Van Praag, Pampel.

Adrie Tokkie's site:

From Tuci to Tokkie.

Renee F.van Wijngaarden's

Home Page. Documenting Fidanque, Maduro DelValle / Delvalle / Daelen van / Salom del Valle / Delvalle Saldana Dovalle / Dovalhe/ Delvaille /
Update 02-07-2001: Ailion, Osorio, Israel Ricardo, Ricardo, Levy Maduro.

Gaby Laws:

Zvi Silver:

Prof. Dr. Jacques Albert Weijel:

"Het Nederlands Joods Geslacht Weijel (Weijl, Whyl) ["The Dutch Jewish Family Weijel (Weijl, Whyl)" ] H.J.Barendregt