Families closely related to me are: Boekbinder, Bruinvelds, Canes/Kanes, Dormits, Nathan, Haag, Hamburg, Hamburger, Menist, Roe, Swalleff, Zwalf, van Os, van West, Winnik.

As a holocaust survivor from Dutch parents I started to investigate my roots from both sides.
I found it very difficult as you have to visit each community where the family lived to gather these facts, and besides enormous time consuming very costly as well.
I then decided to continue working on Dutch Jewry in general to facilitate other people of Dutch descent to be able to share the information I have gathered over the past five years at no cost whatsoever.

My technique is different as I have adapted the Spanish system of using 2 family names first the main name as the Father then the second name the Mother's maiden name.

Example: I am Levie Kanes Nathan son of Salomon Kanes and Caroline Nathan. My son is Salomon Marcus Kanes Gotlieb son of
Levie Kanes and Ofelia Gotlieb, this way you can suddenly discover grand-parents or great grandparents from your mother
's family as well.
This will be shown in the following manner.
Kanes Roe, Levie b-20-2-1885 d-23-4-1943 my grand-father
Hamburg, Salomon b-18-6-1914 d-16-1-1944 my father
Kanes Nathan, Levie
Kanes Gotlieb, Salomon Marcus
The first name in the index is the family name then dash followed by the maiden name and then coma with the given names.
To respect privacy we do not show dates of birth of living people.

I would appreciate any corrections and apologize for any mistakes either in spelling or in dates.

I have recently published a book called "Outrage 2000" Which can be seen at